Tuesday, May 5, 2015


In the middle of last year, I went for a little trip. The choice was simple, fast and not too obvious - Charlotta Valley near Slupsk, Poland. It's a place in a small village, put close to the see, called 'Strzelinko'. Even Bob Dylan - one of the artists of the Rock Legends Festival that's organised there - was enchanted with this place! The whole resort is huge - it's physically impossible to know every inch of it, in only one day, because the want to try every attraction would take most of our spare time, and we wouldn't have a while to kick back...In Charlotta Valley, the time goes slower, atmosphere is typically calm and still, so this place is perfect for the people who are seeking an escape from the noise of the big city.

Although, in my opinion, it isn't dreamed-of place to spend the holidays, I heartily recommend you to visit this place! You can spend some nice moments there, also know people from all around the Europe (and even the World!), and even the food isn't worse than those from the prestigious restaurants!

Below, you can see some random photographs, I took in the Charlotta Valley: